Traditional Wedding in China and What It Looked Like

Weddings and all that is associated with it are truly peculiar in this country. This is a centuries-old event of uniting the souls of people and worshiping the gods. It’s both an unbelievably colorful play and a mystery where the smallest detail matters. For instance, a two or three hundred years ago, you would’ve never seen a bride wearing a white dress, as this color is a sign of misfortune and mourning, while the red or scarlet one is a color that brings positive emotions and joy.

Main customs

When it comes to the union of two hearts, their special day is followed by certain rites. One of the main parts of it is the prediction of the future. This custom was very important, and it even could put an end to everything even before the event itself started. Nowadays, customs have changed a bit though: in addition to the scarlet dress, white color is also accepted now.

The peculiarities of matchmaking

Native citizens of this country faithfully followed the established traditions and never ignored them, paying close attention to the ones associated with matchmaking. It’s a key part of the whole event. Of course, it was parents of couples, who were responsible for uniting the two. First, both families exchanged written messages that replaced the traditional courtship. Usually, it was the job of a groom’s family to prepare the list of dates that suit best for this day. The girl’s parent’s task was to choose the day they like best. This custom isn’t that popular nowadays, being replaced by modern matchmaking trends, such as international dating online.


The girl couldn’t just move to her future husband’s house. She had to live in her parent’s attic for a few days first. She spent these days in her friend’s company. The young man, along with his close people used this time to prepare the room for the future couple, thinking through other minor details of the upcoming event.

Bride’s dress

Even today, most brides choose a red robe, with lots of rhinestones on it. The important part of the dress is pictures of the Phoenix and dragons which symbolized the people in love. After the main process, the attire became a family piece that a couple kept for generations. The color of the attire wasn’t picked randomly. It was a sign of endless love and prosperity.
The bride’s headpiece was red, too, and it resembled a crown, decorated with lots of different accessories that gave it a ceremonial look. She hid her face behind the veil.

Wedding cortege

According to ancient superstitions, the colorful fireworks and rattling crackers accompanying the cortege were supposed to drive the evil forces away. A mirror was a must-have ceremonial accessory for the bride.

The feast

Usually, feats were held according to ancient rituals. The couple stood before the table that served as an altar in the house’s courtyard. It was here that an important ritual of worshiping the gods took place. This part couldn’t be skipped, as only after it, the union of souls was considered approved by the higher power. Once it was done, the couple had to worship everyone, who attended their special day.

And here’s how customs coexist with modern trends. Crossing their arms under the scarlet ribbon, the couple takes a sip of red wine. Then the banquet begins. Taking seats at elegantly decorated tables, all the participants get ready for the official part of the wedding. Then the person who manages the event asks the newly married couple to step into the middle of the hall where they receive presents. Once the gifts are presented, the couple bows to the guests.

Sure, some of these customs are long gone, but some of them are still alive and present at every wedding.

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